The story behind our Essentials Collection

Just as our personalised pieces, our Essentials Collection derives from global influences. We believe that jewellery is a way to express yourself, it can heal you and make you feel empowered. It’s about emotion, love and self-adornment. We brought together inspiration from all over the world to beautifully craft a collection of pieces, that bring the best of spirits together, all the while illuminating with simplicity and glamour. Designed to bring positive energy. each piece has a unique story to tell.

The evil eye and hamsa have long been part of sacred pieces and jewellery collections in many cultures. It is believed that the evil eye helps rid of negative energy, protecting against misfortune. Similarly, the hamsa is also a protective symbol, bringing the owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune. We therefore incorporated these two strong symbols in a range of timeless pieces, playing on emerging jewellery trends of chokers, coins, crystals and layered necklaces.

With layering being front and centre, we crafted the Hamsa Evil Eye Necklace, with an adjustable chain, so that it can be layered with all your favourite necklaces. The necklace also masterfully combines both the protective symbols into one sophisticated piece, for double the oomph.

We wanted our jewellery collection to sparkle with a range of delicate pieces, focusing on the neckline as a centre point. We therefore produced a delicate, glistening Hamsa Crystal Choker, which sits intimately on the neckline, and an Evil Eye Necklace. This minimal piece beautifully reflects light, to shine ever so brightly and is available in two beautiful finishes of gold and silver.

The Evil Eye Coin Necklace plays on texture and shine, in a masterful game of accumulation.

Combining these ancient symbols, with a multitude of trends, we designed modern pieces that truly captivate positive energy and empower the wearer to celebrate individuality of style.

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