Tips for travelling with jewellery

With the holiday season approaching upon us, many of us are counting down the time for that much needed break. We’re already planning our attire, hairstyles, makeup looks and which shoes and accessories we want to be showing off in those instagrammable photos. With so much packing to do, we wanted to help ease this process for you, with our top three tips for travelling with jewellery.

  1. There’s no doubt that come packing – we’ll have tons to try and squeeze in our baggage allowance. With so much to pack already, our number one tip is to travel with a small amount of jewellery. With current trends of layering pieces, mixing and matching metals, jewellery has become so versatile that we really can pair a few of our chosen pieces with so many outfits. We suggest packing a mix of simple everyday pieces and slightly fancier inexpensive pieces.

  2. This brings us on to our next tip – packing inexpensive pieces, that we wouldn’t mind losing or be upset over if they were stolen. Wedding rings and sentimental pieces, in particular, fall in this category. We also don’t recommend wearing large sparkling jewellery, as this may attract thieves.

  3. Packing jewellery can be a nightmare – with small delicate parts, that you don’t want to damage or lose, or you’ll render the entire piece useless, to the oh so delicate chains that just keep getting tangled. Our tip is to pack your jewellery individually in light, small jewellery boxes, similar to our HAWA London gift box. This will ensure, you don’t lose an earring pair, you keep delicate pieces safe from the weight of your other packed items, and necklaces and bracelets can be laid out neatly to ensure they stay untangled. The HAWA London jewellery box is light, durable and allows you to pack multiple pieces of jewellery in one box!

A bonus tip that we have is to add a unique new piece to your jewellery collection, from your travels, so that it can remind you of the trip.

Happy travels!

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