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HAWA London - GQ May 2018
GQ - MAY 2018
"HAWA London's exquisitely crafted pieces can
be personalised for a loved one and make for a truly
memorable gift."
HAWA London - Elle May 2018
     ELLE - MAY 2018
     "HAWA London's unique and iconic pieces can be
     customised to your name or a loved one's."
HAWA London - GQ June 2018
     GQ - JUNE 2018
     "In style and on trend, HAWA London's uniquely
     personalised pieces are a luxury essential for the 
     summer season."
HAWA London - Cosmopolitan July 2018
     "HAWA London's personalised pieces combine 
     global cultures with a modern twist, to give you a 
     trendy and playful sparkle."
HAWA London - GQ July 2018
     GQ - JULY 2018
     "Simple and sophisticated, HAWA London's
     customised pieces are a must have gift for her."